Our Team

Office Team

Tim: Has been at JN Kidds for 8+ years, works as an operations manager. Some of Tim’s tasks include purchasing of spices, beans, nuts, Asian products, Italian products, baking ingredients/specialty flours and the Fabri products. He is in charge of logistics (shipping and receiving). Tim has 35 years in the food industry.
Jon: Has been at JN Kidds for a year + 9 months, works as an operations manager. Some of Jon’s tasks include purchasing all chocolate orders (Callebaut,Valrhona and Mona Lisa), Boiron puree’s, nuts, sugars and vanilla products. He handles the interviewing process and disciplinary actions but also as a morale booster. Jon has 15 years in the food industry.
Michelle: Has been at JN Kidds for 5 months, as our newest employee. She works as an operations assistant. Some of her tasks include inventory around the warehouse, ordering misc. items, handling samples for customers and assisting sales reps with any pastry questions their customers may ask them. She was a former pastry chef with 9+ years’ experience in the food industry, both sweet and savory.
Maureen: Has been at JN Kidds for 4 years as accounts receivable. Some of Maureen’s tasks include issuing credits to customers for damaged products or returned items, doing bank runs for deposits, ordering office supplies and answering phones.
Lori: Has been at JN Kidds for 5 years. Lori is the book keeper, handles quick books, payroll and is responsible for paying the hefty bills.

Warehouse Team

Jimmy: Has been at JN Kidds for 13 years, works as the warehouse manager. Some of Jimmy’s tasks include putting inventory away/organizing pallets on shelves, taking product off of delivery trucks, making trips to restaurant depot, Foodpak, BJ’s and Home Depot for any miscellaneous items we may need. Jimmy was previously a delivery driver as well for many years.
Dan: Has been at JN Kidds for 3+ years. Some of Dan’s tasks include, ordering the Irish products weekly/putting it away, organizing pallets in the warehouse, bagging product up when needed/making JN Kidds labels for the products, and doing deliveries if needed.
Chuck: Has been at JN Kidds for a little over a year. Some of Chuck’s tasks include making deliveries, bagging up product when needed, ordering and supplying bathroom necessities, cleaning and being a general handyman.

Sales Representatives

Laurie: Has been at JN Kidds for 4 years, as a sales rep. She says “it’s so much fun to be able to talk to chefs about the specialty foods we carry. Who can say they get to talk about chocolate every day at work! I get to see firsthand how these talented chef’s create delicious and beautiful dishes from simple, quality ingredients that we provide to them. Every day is a new adventure, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
Diane: Has been with JN Kidds for over 5 years, as an account manager. She was eager to join the team due to the quality and service focused reputation that JN Kidds possesses. She is a true leader and is dedicated to servicing chefs with quality products and exceptional customer service. She is service oriented on contributing to the ongoing growth and success of JN Kidds in the specialty industry. Diane resides in Marion with her husband Michael and her two children Lexi and Damon.
Maureen: Has been at JN Kidds for a total of 5 and a half years, 3 years as an office assistant and decided to join the sales team 2 and a half years ago. She is soon to be celebrating six years with the company. Maureen is thrilled to be meeting and servicing chefs, bringing to them the exceptional service provided by the JN Kidds team.
Ellen: Has been at JN Kidds for about 9 months. Ellen started her career in sales over 11 years ago with a specialty food vendor linked into US Foods to supply hard to find gourmet products. Prior to that, she was in F&B management at 5 star 5 diamond properties for over 15 years. Her passion is food and spends her off time reading and researching fun products and love to follow trends. She says “getting Chefs the newest and best products on the market is very important to me.”

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